Summer’s here and the time is right…

…for thinking about Unit 10 exam work (not as much fun as Racing in the Street I’m sure, but, frankly, more legal).

What you could do, perhaps, over the summer is:

  1. have a think about a client you can make a spreadsheet for. Things like invoices or quote systems work well, rather like the Trumpton Times;
  2. maybe work though any of the Trumpton Times bits that you need to. These really do teach you all the advanced spreadsheet skills that you need to know about. Just remember that some of the functions are found in different places!
  3. take a check of the advanced skills checklist (which you’ll find over on That Blue Square Thing of course) and make sure you’re happy doing most of these (elements such as error checking might be best left until next term)
  4. have some fun and relax. Maybe try something new. I’m thinking of catching a concert at Snape myself…

This sort of thing will get you in the right place to really kick things off excellently in September. Promise.

Here’s a hint or two if you’re working at home:

  • to get the Developer toolbar click the Windows button > Excel options and select it
  • to get macros working click the Windows button > Excel Options > Trust Center > Macro settings > allow all (go on, you know you want to…)
  • the form controls are on the Developer tab on the Insert button (and don’t use the Active X controls because they work differently it appears)
  • controls to align things are on the Page Layout tab
  • the Name Manager is on the Formulas tab

Feel free to e-mail me if there’s stuff that’s confusing or not working right. I’ll see if I can get around to putting the Trumpton videos up on the web, I’ll see.

Talking of which, here’s Trumpton…