Roles for Project Management

OK, so roles in the teams:

each team needs a project manager. This person needs to be organised and to be able to organise everyone else. They will need to work to create an initial project plan – with deadlines and so on – fairly early on in the project

tech manager – someone to manage the geeky bits perhaps. Depends on the project. This person would troubleshoot anyone else who has problems and might be the one setting up websites and so on

communications chief – someone to deal with communications with outsideĀ agenciesĀ – like the client. This might be called Client Liaison instead. Should be able to write properly and communicate effectively with other people. May also involve a role in social media

publications person – someone to do the publicity for an event. Could involve stuff like posters as well as digital media and, quite possibly, using social media. In a publicity heavy project this role could be split into two

money maestro – someone to deal with money (like a treasurer). Depends on whether or not there’s money involved. Needs to be organised and trustworthy!

art dude – if there needs to be artwork then there may need to be an artwork sort of person. Links with publicity in some projects. Could also be responsible for designs and/or storyboards

There are probably other roles as well, but they evade my memory just now…

Don’t forget that you can use consultants at any point – experts you bring in to deal with any specific issues you might have. These might be related to the technological side of things but they might also be for things like publicity or finance etc…


Project Management Start

Welcome to Project Management…

Suggestions for 11/9/12 lesson:

  • complete skills audit sheet
  • have a brief meeting to consider what sorts of projects you might want to do – someone should make a list of any ideas that people come up with; one job that will need doing early on is to consider how much mileage there is in each of these ideas
  • perhaps briefly consider what sort of jobs each person might take

Two groups is OK if you want them by the way. You don’t have to decide on this just now.