Excel 2007 passwords

Did you ever have that sort of day when you get asked how to do something techy and you just know that you’ve done it but because you do it so rarely you’ve forgotten how to do it?

To be honest I have those sorts of days all the time – especially with stuff I teach about once a year. It’s one of the reasons I have this blog: to write this sort of stuff down when I remember how to do it so that I can look it up next time I need to do it!


Today it was password protecting an Excel 2007 sheet. I was darned if I could remember how to do it – but I knew I’d taught Year 13 how to do it just before Christmas last year. And that it was similar to how it works in Access as well.

Here’s the solution:

Button > Save As > Tools > General Options

(Mac 2011: File > Save As > Options)

The tools bit is important – you need to click the button. Otherwise it won’t work.

You can protect the whole worksheet this way – to stop it even from being opened. You can protect them in different ways off of the Review menu, but this is better and easier. And it also let’s you get rid of annoying password protected sheets that other people have given you. Which is what we used it for today.

So – if you see me reading this in lesson time then you know that I’ve forgotten how to do it again, but that I am at least sensible enough to write it down so I can find it.