Dawn @ Home part 1 – initial thoughts

Lesson: 5/11/12

We explored the exam board scenario for Natural Beauty with Dawn at Home – finding out who Dawn was, what she did, where she operated and so on. The scenario contains contact details and a website address that doesn’t exist (yet…) as well as a nice logo. We sort of decided what the company was called.

We thought about things like Dawn’s ICT skills and experience and decided that we probably don’t know very much about what skills and experience she has in this area. Although I’m not sure she’s ever going to touch a computer in the scenario you’ve been given.

We then explored the whole information flow, particularly for the Sales section. This is quite complex and needs some very specific outputs. It looks like the consultants will do most of the data work on the spreadsheet. We decided there are questions we don’t know the answers to:

  • what experience do consultants have with computers – what are their skill levels?
  • what ICT equipment will the consultants have? What OS? What spreadsheet software?
  • what format do the outputs need to be in?
  • how many items can people order at a party?
  • how many of each item can they order at a party?

These last two questions might be important when you’re setting validation rules at some later date perhaps?

We sort of hinted at the need for a GUI which is going to be easy to use, particularly as can’t assume that any of the consultants have very much geek when it comes to ICT use.

We also partly explored the Database aspect of this, but left some of that for a later date as it got quite complex with a certificate and stuff. We do know, though, that Dawn has an admin assistant to do some of the jobs but nothing about that persons ICT skills.

Jobs to do:

Start the specification – the very general bit and then thinking about the more detailed bit. These are on the internets.