Dawn @ Home – Spreadsheet

A summary of what’s needed:

  • a clear specification for the spreadsheet clearly identifying what’s required with a technical justification for the ways you’ve opted to approach this. This should link to objectives and success criteria – this is Part 1 – Specification
  • a working spreadsheet which produces all the outputs required. You might want to consider having this saved as a template (to allow reusability) and having a version saved as an unused sheet
  • screenshots (or PDF versions) of example outputs would be helpful – possibly annotated to show how you’ve covered the requirements of the specification
  • designs for each worksheet and user form used. These need to cover all the markgrid sections
  • probably some kind of discussion of how you’ve covered elements such as “user efficiency”, “accessibility”, “usability” and possibly aspects such as validation – these might not be immediately apparent from the spreadsheet itself. This will fit in with the technical documentation section of Part 7 – Documentation
  • testing evidence (see below)

If you can try to produce as much of this evidence as possible at this stage it will save an awful lot of time and effort in the future. Promise. In particular you might be able to cover a lot of the Documentation section at this point – the technical element of that anyway.

Testing evidence:

This is related to Part 6 – Testing. You have to do two things here:

  1. test prototypes – i.e. test your designs and test some rough versions to show that you’ve got feedback on what works and what doesn’t work. Screenshots would be helpful here – you need evidence that you got feedback and made changes as a result of that feedback
  2. element testing – i.e. testing to check that your finished solution works. You need to evidence this again.

The element testing should test each individual possible input and process. So, for example, if I press a button then what should happen? You want to be clear about exactly what you’re testing and what should happen as a result. I’ll put more detail about this on the web soon.


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